We undertake advocacy to ensure access to justice for all, and the legal protection of fundamental rights. Drawing upon our research, case data, and consultations with communities, justice sector actors and relevant stakeholders, we hold issue-raising advocacy meetings to identify priority needs, analyse and review relevant laws and policies, hold consultations meetings, workshops, roundtables, in-house meetings with stakeholders, and present recommendations to concerned authorities. These initiatives focus on needed legislative, institutional and policy reforms, and activation of existing laws and mechanisms.

Our advocacy initiatives focus on protection of survivors of gender-based violence, particularly domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual violence; ensuring equality and non- discrimination, on grounds of caste, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion; safeguarding property rights and securing workers’ rights.

We conduct legislative advocacy with local authorities, and centrally with the Parliamentary Standing Committees, the National Human Rights Commission, the Law Commission, Ministries, and the Judicial Administration Training Institute. Our advocacy has contributed to significant changes regarding the right to housing for climate displaced communities (guidelines on prior resettlement before eviction from government land), the right to safeguards on arrest (the adoption of guidelines for law enforcement agencies and magistrates against arbitrary arrest and remand), the right to gender equality (banning two finger test for sexual violence survivors, repeal of gender discriminatory character evidence rules, adoption of the domestic violence protection law), the right to health (guidelines for ensuring emergency medical services for road accident survivors, and protection of Good Samaritans), the rights of workers (labour law changes on maternity leave, minimum wages, appointment letters to workers and penalties for sexual harassment in the workplace) and access to justice (activation of chowki courts, strengthening of legal aid).

We issue press releases and statements to raise concerns about barriers to or demands for justice, and disseminate information on new laws, landmark judgments and orders with the media to increase public awareness on these issues.