Our Vision

A society free from discrimination where access to justice and the rule of law are ensured.

Our Mission

Ensuring non-discriminatory access to justice for all with an emphasis on the disadvantaged and marginalized, whilst also increasing responsiveness of state and non-state mechanisms.


  1. To administer a trust fund for establishing and maintaining legal aid and service units supported by grants from the Trust
  2. To establish legal aid as well as assistance and human rights protection units in bar associations and in different localities of the country, including rural areas
  3. To provide free legal aid and to undertake public interest litigation and advocacy activities to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any person for any reason
  4. To conduct special training programmes through which relevant skills and expertise can be imparted to lawyers, activists and others
  5. To coordinate the activities of units with other organisations, including NGOs working in related fields
  6. To publish original research articles and reports about matters useful to lawyers
  7. To promote improved legal education, including awareness of responsibility for providing legal aid to disadvantaged persons, and to promote, establish and maintain national institutions for legal education
  8. To organise seminars, symposia and extension lectures on various law subjects for advocates, teachers, law students, and to promote participation in international conferences, workshops, and training and educational programmes