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Every individual deserves access to justice. For many, it remains out of reach without vital legal aid. At BLAST, Bangladesh’s leading legal aid organisation, we tirelessly strive to bring justice closer to those systematically denied opportunities and access.

With your support, we deliver free legal aid services, offering advice, mediation, and litigation to those who can’t afford it. We advocate for reforms, fighting discriminatory laws and policies, while commissioning evidence-based research to identify legal gaps and discriminatory practices.

By contributing to BLAST, you enable us to conduct training programs, empowering lawyers, law graduates, and legal service providers in pro bono lawyering and legal aid. Together, we engage a diverse network of lawyers, academics, policymakers, and human rights experts, creating an unbreakable chain of support from the local level to the global stage.

Behind every number is a person with a story. BLAST has litigated in 128,000 cases and 52,000 mediations, with 92% of our clients being women. Thanks to our dedicated lawyers, we recover approximately USD 400,000 per year for clients through mediation and litigation.

We work directly with marginalised and gender diverse communities, including workers, refugees, ethnic and religious minorities, and people with disabilities. BLAST campaigns for law and institutional reforms, having undertaken 135 Strategic Litigation/Public Interest Litigation cases, ensuring a society free from discrimination.

At BLAST, we envision a world where Access to Justice for All and the Rule of Law are upheld. Join us on this journey of transformation, ensuring justice reaches those who need it most.

Your generous donation helps create lasting change, making a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Stand with us in the pursuit of justice and contribute to BLAST today.

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