BLAST has undertaken litigation to ensure the effective implementation of regulations to protect public health, to seek guidelines to ensure access to emergency medical services, in relation to health protocols regarding women’s sexual and reproductive health rights, and to ensure occupational health and safety. It has also undertaken advocacy on the issues and on mental health provisions and new legislation in this regard. 

In December 2004, in response to a BLAST petition, the High Court directed the Ministry of Health to implement the Iodine Deficiency Disease Prevention Act, 1989 and Rules, 1994. The measures required included registering salt manufacturers, regularly testing their salt production, submitting the test results to the Supreme Court twice each year and preventing unregistered manufacturers from producing, marketing and selling salt for human consumption.

BLAST also challenged the Directorate of Health regarding its failure to supervise licensed blood transfusion centers and investigate unlicensed centers as required by the Safe Blood Transfusion Act, 2002.  

BLAST also invoked the Environment Conservation Act, 1995, to challenge the failure of the concerned authorities to act to prevent pollution from the continuing operations of a factory in Gazipur. (See Right to Safe and Healthy Environment for more information about BLASTs work regarding pollution, building standards and environmental protection).

Case Studies


In April 2017, BLAST organised a Law in Practice seminar on “Mental Health Law: English Experiences and Bangladesh Perspectives” at the Muktijuddho Jadughar, Dhaka. Barrister Najrul Khasru, a British Bangladeshi Mental Health Tribunal judge, gave the keynote focusing on opportunities for strengthening the laws on mental health in Bangladesh. This was followed by a Consultation Meeting on the Draft Mental Health Act 2016 at the Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs, Dhaka, focused on identifying the gaps in the current draft Act and making recommendations for reform.