BLAST works at all levels for the enforcement of the right to have a fair trial conducted by an impartial and independent court or tribunal constituted under law.

BLAST, along with other human rights organizations, filed a writ petition in the High Court challenging state inaction in investigation or prosecution of the imposition and execution of extra-judicial penalties in the name of “fatwas” inflicted at a local level by non-judicial bodies. On 9.7.2010, the High Court declared the infliction of all kinds of extrajudicial punishment, including extra-judicial punishment by local Salish in the name of the fatwa, to be illegal and without any lawful authority. The Court held that any person involved, present, participating, or assisting in any such conviction or execution would come under the purview of the offenses under the Penal Code and be subject to punishment. Under the Children Act, 1974, children are supposed to be tried in juvenile courts, and BLAST has obtained judgments in the High Court to ensure the rights of children to a fair trial in juvenile court. 

Case Study


A video went viral showing a local government elected official, the Laxmipur UP Chairman, beating a man and a woman who had been brought before a local shalish. BLAST filed a writ petition, challenging this action as a failure to comply with the Court’s earlier prohibition on extra-judicial punishments. The High Court issued a Suo Motu order and after hearings, the Chairman ultimately sought unconditional apology in person before the Court.